Denver is the city and county that promotes health and assures access to integrated medical and behavioral care, and social services for all


Achieving Better Health through

About the Alliance

The Mile High Health Alliance brings together stakeholders from medical care, behavioral health care, public health, and social and community services, to collaboratively address the city’s most difficult health challenges and achieve better health for all Denver residents.

It was formally established in January 2015 to fulfill an important recommendation in Denver’s 2014-2018 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), to increase access to care, better coordinate health care services, and decrease health care costs in the city. The Alliance was formed through a year-long, multi-stakeholder planning process in 2014, supported by a grant from the Colorado Trust.

In July 2014, involved stakeholders approved a Strategic Plan for the Alliance, outlining a proposed governance structure and three initial priority areas for its programing in the first few years. Working Groups were established to collaboratively plan for system-wide interventions in each area. In July 2015, the Board of Directors approved a fourth priority and Working Group.

Priority Initiatives and Working Groups

  1. First Access to Care (enrollment, health and health insurance literacy, and entry into care)
  2. Specialty Care Access
  3. High Utilizers of the Health Care System
  4. Integrated Physical and Behavioral Health Care

Long-term efforts of the Alliance will focus on prevention, fostering a culture of wellness in Denver, better coordinating the health care system, and improving the social factors that affect health.