Danni Lederman

Danni Lederman

Program Director, Specialty Care Network

Danni Lederman, a Denver native, has worked in the nonprofit community for over 25 years and is an adjunct professor at Metropolitan State University Denver. Her focus has been in health related nonprofits and organizations whose missions are reflective of creating community change through collaborative solutions.

Her first career was in the financial industry, which positively informs all of her work in the nonprofit sector. She left the for-profit world behind and jumped into the nonprofit arena in the early days of the HIV/AIDS health crisis, as many of her friends were being impacted directly. Having never looked back, Danni has devoted her second career to working in the nonprofits with a deep personal commitment to creating communities that are healthier, happier, inclusive, and welcoming to all.

Danni received her Master’s degree in Social Change from Goddard College and returned to Denver to continue her mission of collaborative actions for the betterment of all. In her spare time, Danni volunteers with various nonprofits and enjoys skiing, hiking, and kayaking in the mountains. She is also an avid backyard city farmer who loves to prepare and enjoy delicious food with friends.

Danni@milehighhealthalliance.org and (720) 463-3272