The Executive Committee is elected annually by the Board of Directors, with all Voting and Alternate Voting Members being eligible to run for seats.  It meets monthly and its role is to implement the strategies and directives of the Board of Directors.  It oversees the Executive Director and Working Groups, oversees the operations and finances of the Alliance, and acts on behalf of the Board of Directors between the quarterly Board meetings.

Current Executive Committee Term: July 2017 – June 2018

Chair – Bill Burman, Denver Health and Hospital Authority – Executive Director, Denver Public Health

Vice Chair – Robert Bremer, Colorado Access – Executive Director, Access Behavioral Care

Treasurer/Secretary – Elizabeth Baskett, Colorado Community Health Alliance – Executive Director

At-Large – Jim Garcia, Clinica Tepeyac – Executive Director and Founder

At-Large – Carl Clark, Mental Health Center of Denver – CEO and Medical Director

At-Large – Fernando Pineda-Reyes, CREA Results – CEO

At-Large – Jessica Dunbar, Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics – Executive Director

At-Large – Alok Sarwal, Colorado Alliance for Health Equity and Practice – Executive Director