Alok Sarwal


Dr. Sarwal the co-founder and current Chief Executive Officer of Colorado Alliance for Health Equity and Practice (CAHEP) for the past 12 years. He has been responsible for strategic planning, executive and operational responsibility, for creating and sustaining relevant programs and will be well positioned to support this effort. Also, he has been co-chair of the Interagency Health Disparity Leadership Council, a coalition of over thirty organizations from the state public health arena, non-profit sector, universities, and under-served populations etc. under statute of the state legislature to reduce health disparities and improve health equity. He has directed numerous grants related to Women’s Health, Screenings for Preventative Care, Health Fairs and Linkage to care.

He holds a MS in Systems & Computer Engineering from Ohio State University, a PhD in Bio-Medical Sciences & Engineering from University of Cincinnati, and an MBA in Health Administration & Health Systems from University of Colorado.