Bill Burman, MD


Dr. Burman is the Executive Director of Denver Public Health and is a practicing Infectious Disease physician with a particular interest in HIV care and prevention. He was active in the creation of the Mile High Health Alliance and is both a Board member and the elected Chair of the Executive Committee of the Alliance. He served actively on the Leadership Team that planned for the governance of the Alliance prior to the formation of the Board of Directors and the election of the Executive Committee, and currently participates on several of the Alliance’s working groups.

Dr. Burman has worked at DPH since 1995, initially as the Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic and a researcher on tuberculosis and HIV.  Since becoming Director of DPH in 2011, he has focused on developing better ways to assess the health of Denver residents, identifying innovative population-level interventions to improve public health, and actively collaborating between DPH and the larger community to improve health.  He is passionate about better coordinating medical, behavioral health, and social services to prevent hospitalizations, achieve better health, and realize less expensive, patient-centered care.  He views the Mile High Health Alliance as the key vehicle for achieving this transformation in Denver.