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CREA (Community + Research + Education + Awareness) Results has been providing community engagement and outreach services to Latinos and diverse populations throughout Colorado. Utilizing a multi-prong approach, CREA focuses on a variety of programs such as generating critical mass to have a community respond to rising issues that impact their community; address access to healthcare, food, housing and other services preventing people from living the healthiest life possible. CREA’s primary objective is to engage the Latino community through strategic partnerships with public and private agencies to promote public health and foster economic, environmental and social well-being. Its work is driven by the Promotoras de Salud/Community Health Workers team—passionate cultural and linguistic liaisons who advocate on behalf of the community and build trust between community members and local service agencies. CREA and its public partners in the community deliver educational campaigns, resource navigation services and health education services. ​


CREA in partnership with the United States-Mexico Border Health Commission, secured a 26-foot mobile health unit to provide health access services targeting key priority public health issues including but not limited to: nutrition, oral health, obesity, diabetes, reproductive health, child health, mental health, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, domestic violence, and access to health services. Between since April CREA has attended over 75 events, screened 1,000+ people, and provided health information and resources to 4,000+ people. Other CREA projects include partnering with Americans for Conservation + the Arts to create the Promotores Verdes project with the goal to expand the role of the Latino community in advocating for the health benefits of nature, outdoor experiences and environmental protections. CREA is also partnering with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to educate community members on the I-70 expansion project and its effect on the communities nearest the project. Through CREA the community will regard and get to know CDOT as a community partner with whom they can learn, and also share, regarding the project’s impact on their lives and community and CREA will be partnering with the Denver Environmental Health agency and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on a project to educate communities on childhood lead poisoning issues and link them to free and low cost remediation offered through Denver Urban Renewal Authority.

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Denver’s Community Health Improvement Plan identified Access to Care as one of two top health priorities for the city to work on from 2013-2018, along with Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL).  Some of the primary concerns related to Access to Care in Denver included the lack of health insurance coverage among residents, inadequate access to specialty care for uninsured and publically insured residents, inappropriate and excessive use of emergency departments in lieu of primary care, and the lack of coordination among health care providers in different organizations about the care of individual patients.

The CHIP outlined a five-year goal for Access to Care, namely that by 2019, 95% of Denver residents would have access to primary medical care, including behavioral health care. Objective A3 under this goal was to form an alliance of important stakeholder organizations in Denver, to increase access to care, better coordinate medical care and social services, and decrease health care costs.  After a year-long collaborative planning process, the Mile High Health Alliance was officially launched in January 2015.

The Mile High Health Alliance is a membership-based organization, with both organizational and individual members. All regular organizational members have a seat on the Board of Directors, the central governing body of the Alliance, and are eligible to run for seats on the elected Executive Committee of the Board. As such, all organizational members actively participate in setting and implementing the priorities and strategies of the Alliance. Ex-officio organizational members and individual members do not hold board seats. Join the Alliance!

The Mile High Health Alliance has four active working groups that meet monthly to collaboratively address the Alliance’s four priority initiatives:

  1. Specialty Care Access Group
  2. High Needs Patients Group
  3. Integrated Care Group

Job Opportunities:

Office and Program Assistant – Part Time

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The Mile High Health Alliance has developed a strategic plan to help Denver become the city and county that promotes health and assures access to integrated medical and behavioral care, and social services for all. To learn more about the plan, click on the link below:

The Mile High Health Alliance Strategic Plan

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