Achieving Better Health Through Collaboration

Who We Are

The Mile High Health Alliance makes Denver a place where every resident can live their healthiest life by bringing together key decision makers to align housing, transportation, food and medical care systems.

Our members include Denver’s leaders in health, human and social organizations – public, private and nonprofit alike – to make all our systems work to make Denver the healthiest place to live, work and play.

Our new strategic plan includes four main areas of work:

Urgent Needs


We identify health problems and seek solutions for under-resourced Denverites, specifically:

 1) Access to needed specialty care.                                                      2) Integrated physical/behavioral care.               

3) Efficient/affordable use of the      health system.                         

4) Emerging issues.


We bring together stakeholders to explore, integrate and connect members and networks to solve Denver’s system-level health and wellness problems.

Social & Economic Barriers


We identify key players in many sectors, research options, build programs and develop resource referral systems to serve under-resourced Denverites in areas like housing, transportation and healthy food.



We are a hub of information about emerging issues, resources available, solutions being developed and opportunities for cross-sector collaboration.

Our Partners