Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in membership in the Mile High Health Alliance.

We welcome you to join us in our mission of Achieving Better Health through Collaboration. The Mile High Health Alliance is a coalition of dues-paying organizations. Each member, except for ex-officio, have a voting representative on the Board of Directors, regardless of the organization’s size. For individuals who would like to join the Mile High Health Alliance, there are no required dues, although many make voluntary donations. Individuals members do not have voting rights on the Board. 

If you would like to discuss membership, please contact Dede de Percin, Executive Director, either 720.465.1593 or

Application Instructions

Before proceeding, please read this MHHA Membership Agreement.

You will need the following information available when filling this form. Our system does NOT allow partially completed applications to be saved and completed later.

    1. The names and contact information of persons in your organization whom you would like to designate as your Voting and Alternate Member on the Board of Directors (not applicable for applicants for ex-officio membership). Either of these persons may also be the principal contact person for your organization.
    2. Your organizational mission statement.
    3. Your organization’s total annual revenue, to specify the appropriate membership tier in the Mile High Health Alliance. You will not have to report this information to the Alliance.
    4. For organizational applicants, please designate a Voting Member and an Alternate Voting Member for the Board of Directors. Individual members and ex-officio members do not need not make these designations.

Regular membership tiers are based on organizational revenue.

    1. Tax-exempt organizations may use total annual revenue from IRS Form 990, line 12 to determine their membership tier.
    2. Tax-paying organizations should use total gross annual revenue to determine their membership tier.
    3. If your organization operates in multiple jurisdictions, you can consider organizational revenue specific to its operations in Denver.
    4. Governmental organizations are in a unique membership tier with reduced membership dues.

Individual and ex-officio members are non-voting members and are not required to pay membership dues. However, we will welcome a donation to the Alliance. The suggested donation for ex-officio member organizations (statewide organizations or those not based in Denver) is $500/year.

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The Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC) is the fiscal partner of the Mile High Health Alliance, and will receive your payment on behalf of the Alliance. Please make checks for the membership dues indicated above, payable to

“CNDC, DBA Mile High Health Alliance”

and send directly to:

Colorado Nonprofit Development Center
789 Sherman Street, Suite 250
Denver, CO 80203

If your organization requires an invoice in order to make your payment, please email